Arlington Properties today announced it has exceeded its fund-raising goal for the 2023 United Way Pacesetter Campaign.

The company-wide campaign raised $232,992 this year, which is $61,000 more than for 2022, a 35% increase, and the number of employees who pledged increased by nearly 100%.

“Thank you again for demonstrating the giving character of Arlington Properties, and for investing so much into the betterment of our communities,” said Jim Dixon, President, Arlington Properties. “It’s just another example of why I am proud to be associated with each of you. I am very grateful. And while not surprised that you are generous, I am awed by the amount you are willing to give to your communities. It is inspirational to say the least. Special thanks to James Peters who chaired this year’s campaign for Arlington – without James it really would not run so smoothly or have been nearly as successful.”


United Way organizations provide solutions for needs in the community through partner agencies and initiatives that seek to improve lives and conditions by building and mobilizing resources of support for areas served.